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Recapping KAZOOcon: What’s Trending for 2022 and Beyond

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After two years of unprecedented change, we welcomed back one of the most unique cloud comms events, KAZOOcon. This event brought together the 2600Hz partner community, those who built KAZOO, and industry experts in the cloud comms market.  With nearly three hundred attendees, we discussed the ever-evolving market, launched new products, and shared some exciting live demos. Since the last time we convened, so much has changed in the telecom industry, and with a completely different world, 2600Hz was very excited to share the new products and majors updates, addressing the needs of service providers and resellers in 2022.  
Supporting the Hybrid Workforce
As we’ve seen over the last few years, there is a major shift to a distributed workforce, and this new landscape is here to stay. With remote teams becoming much more commonplace, the demand for work-related collaboration to be accessible at any time and any place has increased exponentially. Highlighting KAZOOcon and responding to the demands of this modern workforce, we launched our new product comm.land, a desktop app that is designed to provide superior communication and collaboration tools. This new product empowers productive remote anywhere, anytime as partners can view their communication tools and activities on a custom dashboard, start or join video conferencing in one click, make calls from a webphone, and easily send and receive faxes. In addition to all of these features, comm.land has the ability to embed third-party applications within the UI. This is an intuitive end user portal built for today’s workplace, and we are focused on prioritizing personal communication experience and continuing to develop comm.land to be modular, flexible, scalable, and fully white labeled, strengthening brand continuity. 
Prioritizing CX
Another huge takeaway from KAZOOcon was the emphasis on CX, a driving force in the telecom industry at large. Many companies see positive CX as a competitive differentiator. According to a report by Dimension Data, businesses that prioritize offering great customer experiences reported a 92% increase in loyal customers, an 84% increase in revenue, and cost savings of 79%. Simply stated, customer feedback drives more than solutions. Our Call Center, based on customer feedback and end user experience, released updates enhancing user experience, including faster iterations, modern dashboards, new filtering and searching, and a simplified billing process, lowering partner’s costs. And as we look to the future of the Call Center, our areas of focus are 3rd-party integrations, enhanced features, omni-channel experience (chat and text), and in-app feedback where we can receive direct end-user feedback in an effort to continually improve customer experience. 
Creating a Space for Customized Solutions
Creating highly niche solutions for complex communications systems is key to innovation and development in telecom. These customized solutions empower end users and accelerate business goals–to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s fast-paced business environments.  2600Hz is rolling out a space where this innovation can take place, and customers and developers can showcase, sell, and buy apps. Marketplace, as was announced at KAZOOcon, will be the next phase of the KAZOO ecosystem. During this initial phase, there are pilot 2600Hz apps hosted on the website and within the next few months, we will start to include apps from partners and peers. 
As we look forward to the future of KAZOO, we recognize the necessity of supporting a distributed workforce and customizing solutions that can be seamlessly integrated, and underlying and empowering both is customer experience. With the strong foundation of KAZOO, these incredible products will continue to support the ever-changing workforce landscapes. If you’re interested in these exciting new products, seeing live-demos, or listening to experts discuss trending industry issues, you can view the videos from KAZOOcon below.  
KAZOOcon22 On-Demand Videos

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