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2600Hz: The Best Kept Secret in VoIP & UCaaS


Ever wonder why 2600Hz  seems to be hidden in the shadows?  Learn about how  KAZOO infrastructure is powering some major players in the UCaaS space, and why KAZOO is telecom's best kept secret. Plus a shout out to KAZOOcon!

Telecom's Best Kept Secret

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Wow, 2600Hz has such a robust, low cost UCaaS offering and unbeatable architecture, why don’t I hear about them more often”? It’s not just you that thinks so -- in fact many of our resellers call us their “best kept secret”. Since we enable our customers to white label our entire product, we give up all of our bragging rights and instead pass them onto our valued resellers.

But we are not complaining. Our customers have won awards spanning from Product of the Year, to Best in Biz, to Best Business VoIP Service (among many, many others) from highly reputable sources. In fact, we glow with pride when our competitors mention our resellers (but meanwhile have no idea who we are), as it means we’ve done our job, and done it well. While we legally cannot disclose who our resellers are, we challenge you to Google search “Best VoIP Resellers” to view some candidates that may (or may not) be using KAZOO. ;)

Did you know that many leading UCaaS providers don’t use original technology? Small & medium sized businesses aren’t the only ones who white label UCaaS solutions. In order to keep up with every changing technology and market demand, many big players also choose to resell VoIP and UCaaS services due to speed, scalability and cost efficiency.   

If you’re curious to explore the platform behind several of the leading VoIP and UCaaS services available in the market, we invite you to come to KAZOOcon 2018 in San Diego! We only have 30 tickets left and the conference is in less than two weeks so now is your chance to discover the best kept secret in UCaaS for yourself!  

Visit http://kazoocon.com/ to view the full agenda and register today.

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