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Remote Work in the Era of Coronavirus


As coronavirus continues to spread around the world and across the US, more and more companies are asking their employees to work remotely. While there are obvious advantages to implementing a remote working strategy as a means to help mitigate further spread of the virus, it is easier said than done for many businesses.

Many businesses don’t have a work from home policy or the right technology in place to enable employees to be successful while working outside of the office. And then there’s the big question on every manager’s mind — how can you ensure productivity remains high since not all workers are accustomed to working from home? 

In episode 18 of the Free UC w/ 2600Hz podcast, 2600Hz Head of Marketing Alisa Bartash sits down with Crisantos Hajibrahim of Prodoscore and Dave Gilbert of the Cloud Communications Alliance for a timely discussion about the benefits and challenges of working remotely. You’ll also find out what businesses should start doing now to help prepare their workforce for working remotely for whatever the reason, be it the coronavirus, a natural disaster, or simply a power outage at the office, and what technology can help increase productivity while your workforce is remote. 

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