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Are You Ready for the New E911 Compliance Changes?


E911 compliances changes were signed into law on February 16th, 2018 that require companies to be compliant with E911 revisions. These changes, otherwise known as Kari's Law, are going into effect on February 16th, 2020 and it is imperative that companies be compliant with the revisions. The changes are named after Kari Dunn Hunt who was killed by her estranged husband in a hotel room after her daughter could not reach 911 because the hotel’s phone system required her to dial “9” to reach an outside line before dialing 911.

After this horrific event, the president recognized that any person in need of reaching 911  should be able to do so without the limitations of the phone system, such as having to dial 9 before dialing 911, as was the case at the hotel where Kari’s daughter was trying to reach 911.  

To ensure your business is protected, we wanted to offer a few key resources that will provide more detailed information on the matter and help ensure your business is protected:

If you are a 2600Hz customer using KAZOO, by default, 911 is available without dialing 9 first. It is important, however, that you confirm the settings that would disable the E911 access have not been changed. Find out how to check that here in our Community.

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