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Business Agility & Reprioritizing Roadmaps

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How quickly could your business pivot its roadmap if your customers' needs changed all of a sudden? If you’re like most businesses, the answer would be: not very quickly, if at all. Even in today’s world of market volatility, many organizations don’t have agility built in to their business model, which is what’s necessary to quickly shift priorities and change course when needed, and to do so successfully. 

For most businesses, it can take weeks or months for a change to be agreed upon and implemented, which would delay providing customers with what they need and are asking for. To make matters more complicated, when it comes to UC, it’s important that your UC platform itself be agile and have agility built in to its core. That way, when the market shifts and customer needs change, internal resources can be rearranged to meet the new demands. There’s no red tape to navigate or hoops to jump through in order to change course — the organization is already full of key players who embrace team cohesiveness and will proudly rise to the occasion. And, their platform can be modified or added to in order to meet these new demands.

2600Hz COO and Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan was recently on our podcast, Free UC w/ 2600Hz, to talk about how 2600Hz was able to reprioritize its roadmap and bring a new product to market in a few short weeks when the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic started. With the exponential increase in remote work due to the pandemic, 2600Hz knew it needed to pivot its roadmap in order to give the newly distributed workforce more tools to stay seamlessly connected and collaborate productively from anywhere at any time.

This podcast takes a deep dive look at business agility, reprioritizing roadmaps, and the new desktop app 2600Hz brought to market to enable remote work. Give it a listen today — there’s a lot to be learned!


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