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2600Hz Mobile: The Only True Mobile Offering With PBX Functionality


In case you missed it, we recently announced our new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) offering. 2600Hz has utilized one of the nation’s top cellular networks to offer voice and data services. Given how fragmented the telecom landscape is, this is a revolutionary accomplishment.

Why Is 2600Hz Mobile Significant?

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, for years cell carriers were driven to keep the majority of their technology secret, patented, and inaccessible. The FCC seemed to be ok with this, making an acquisition of a wireless spectrum almost impossible for any new entrant. This appeals to major mobile carriers as they’re in a fierce war with one another and don’t want new competition challenging revenues or replicating technology. It’s also an understandable business model, cell towers aren’t cheap to operate!

That’s why the launch of 2600Hz Mobile is so significant-to our knowledge, we’re the first company offering true access to the mobile network’s inner workings. We have done the dirty work of contracts, MPLS hookups, acquiring hardware, BGP routing, more contracts, setting up billing systems, permissions, rates, porting procedures, and more. We’ve then figured out how to bridge the gap between “complicated mobile technology” and “simple VoIP needs.” After years of heavy product research and development we’re finally arriving at our destination, or realistically at the starting line!

The end goal of 2600Hz is to provide a solution that offers brand customization, significant revenue potential and an interface any company can build and scale to business needs. 2600Hz Mobile allows you to tap into cellular network capabilities without the hassle of battling carrier restrictions and processes. Our integration isn’t significant because we’re offering cell service, it’s because we’ve developed a platform that offers seamless integration from your cellular device to your cloud PBX solution.

2600Hz Mobile gives users the ability to integrate mobile, voice, data, and SMS services seamlessly with your hosted KAZOO PBX services. Service providers can easily sell, activate, and manage mobile phones through the 2600Hz Mobile portal-all with high quality calls superior to VoIP/Over-the-Top (OTT) apps.

The Possibilities are Endless...

Our mobile solution was intended to encourage telecom visionaries, tinkerers and VoIP enthusiasts to get engaged in the next generation of telecom - seamless and powerful business mobility. We’re offering you a solution where you don’t have to spend $250,000 just to play around with a test cell phone on your own little mobile network. We’re trying to cultivate thinking such as, “gee, what could I do that the cell companies can’t on their own today?” or “I’d love to solve this little problem that only impacts a small amount of people, but I can’t afford to run a cellular mobile network - is there an alternate option?”

Well you’re in luck, as the answer to those questions is YES, you can now bring your cellular dream to life. You don’t need unreliable OTT VoIP applications running on cell phones to be able to do it.

And THIS is what 2600Hz Mobile is all about. Opening up the network to YOU. We take all this cool stuff and we pass it on to you, thanks to simple APIs. 

Here are some creatives ideas that could be implemented:

If you’re a software enthusiast, some cool integrations you could do include:

  • For every form submission from web traffic, your sales team is alerted via SMS and can contact the prospect from their corporate caller ID.
  • Integrate cell phones with our upcoming Call Center release and give your agent's cell phones to use. The cell phones could charge the agent for personal calls but you could pick-up the tab on the call center calls (all automatically, via APIs, CDRs or Pivot).
  • Integrate cell phone activation with your own website.
  • Integrate cell phone VoIP stacks and native cellular access to create your own cellular + Wi-Fi hybrid service for increased connectivity.

If you’re a VoIP enthusiast:

  • Assign international numbers to cell phones, so that people traveling from overseas can activate a US cell phone with a US number AND an international number. Relatives in their home country would dial a local number to reach them, while US folks would also dial a local number to reach them. All with the same cell phone.
  • Assign two phone numbers to the same cell phone, and use a prefix to indicate which Caller ID to display on all outgoing calls.
  • Record all calls made on both cell phones and desk phones, both in and out of the cell phone. Turn it on/off during a live call with the touch of a button.

If you're an IoT developer:

Using data-only 3G/4G USB, you can:

  • Send data from your IoT device to your infrastructure, avoiding the Internet.
  • Provide backup network connectivity if your primary network connection goes down.
  • Provide connectivity to places that don't have good ISP coverage (rural areas, for instance).

If you’re interested in growing revenue you can:

  • Increase billing opportunities $50-$100 for a single device.
    • Data
    • SMS
    • Voice
  • Sell bundles that integrate cellular and VoIP phones for less than the cost of most cell phone plans.
  • Sell packages to businesses that include phones for everyone, on shared plans.

For the advanced players you can:

  • Set up a MPLS link between a customer’s private network (hospital, government, etc.) and route calls from IP phones at their site over a secure, dedicated connection to the cellular network - never touching the internet.
  • Allow in-progress calls to be transferred seamlessly between cell phones and desk phones via extension dialing and BLF.

So don’t miss this opportunity to be an innovator of the next generation of mobile business phone systems. Connect with our sales team today and take your MVNO offering to the next level!


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