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Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Going to KazooCon!

We’re slightly more than 20 days away from KazooCon 2015 and we want you here to see the power and scalability of our new VoIP platform firsthand. So if you are still on the fence on attending, we’re revealing the top ten reasons why you need to attend the Unified Communications Revolution. Early-bird pricing ends on Sunday, September 20th, so register now and save money. So what are you waiting for, go to www.KazooCon.com and register.

Number 10 - Demo’s, Demo’s, Demo’s

We heard your feedback from KazooCon 2014, and the overwhelming favorite session was the breakout demo. So we are doubling down this year and will be hosting five hands-on demos (hint: bring your laptop). You will get a first-hand look of the of our new Kazoo API’s and our Engineering team will take you through it step-by-step. Our interactive demo’s will include:

  • A Look Ahead at the power of Video, WebRTC and Mobile;
  • Onboard Customers Automatically via Your Brand;
  • Provisioning including Encryption, NAPTR, SRV Records, Failover and Security;
  • WebHooks and WebSockets - Getting Real - Time Information to Create Call Recording and Screen Pop Integration Tools; and
  • Debugging using Packet Captures, Wireshark and NAT.

Number 9 - Amazing Guest Speakers

Our staff is poised to give outstanding presentations, and we have been prepping demos for weeks. But we’re not the only ones going to be on the podium this week. Telco gurus from around the world are going to wow you with their talks by presenting their own stories of success, tools for enhancement in the telecom industry, and more. We have C-Level speakers from Mast Mobile, Orange, Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, VirtualPBX, IBM Cloudant, Telnexus and SIPLABS. You don’t want to miss it!

Number 8 - Let’s make it a week in San Francisco

Join us for our official Kazoo Training directly following KazooCon from October 7-9. This three-day training will teach you about Kazoo and all of the third-party components that power the platform. You will deep-dive into Kazoo APIs, and learn how to set up a cluster, GUI, WhApps, FreeSWITCH, BigCouch and much more. Purchase both an Early-Bird KazooCon + Kazoo Training ticket and save money! Register Here!

Number 7 - The After-Party

No conference is complete without an after-party. Join us this year for some spirited libations and telco networking. If you attended last year, you bore witness to our alcohol-fueled Scrabble, Pictionary, and arcade games. Last year our Lead Designer Josh was undefeated at Mario Kart, so we’re all practicing to take him down this year. We’ve got plenty of fun and collaborative events planned for this year’s party, but we’re not spoiling the surprise.

Number 6 - Location, Location, Location

While the building was constructed in 1919, Broadway Studios first opened its doors in 1993 as a dance studio. It’s an amazing space in a vibrant community of San Francisco, and we are so excited to be hosting our event there. You are close to some of San Francisco’s great restaurants, bars, shopping, and walking distance to landmarks including Union Square, Chinatown, Coit Tower and the Ferry Building. Click Here to see for yourself!

Number 5 - It’s Not Just About Us

KazooCon is not only about Kazoo and 2600Hz. We have lined up dedicated sponsors who have been supportive through thick and thin. Our primary sponsor and one of our most important partners will be VirtualPBX. Our other sponsors include Orange, Voxter, IP Telecom, Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, VoIP Innovations, SIPLABS, and Polycom.

Number 4 - KazooCon! The Telco Melting Pot

We have attendees coming from all parts of the country, so far 21 states will be represented. Even more impressive we have international attendees coming in from Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Costa Rica, Russia, Pakistan, Japan and even the Philippines.

Number 3 - Announcing our New Community

We are launching a community so that we are there through every step of the process as you grow your business. We have created an Academy to improve knowledge of the product, a Help Center to offer collaboration with other members of the community, and the Support Center that will expedite important questions. We will launch at KazooCon, so it’s a great time to network with Katie Orton, our Community Manager.

Number 2 - The Official Release of Monster – E-gads the new Kazoo!

Depending on how long you’ve been talking to us, you’ll have known this as either Monster or the new Kazoo. But whatever you call it, we’re launching it at KazooCon. We’ve tested this all summer with some of our partners and now we’re ready to introduce this to the world. Our brand new UI makes it easier to get started and gives you the power to scale exponentially. Learn about the product and we’ll share tips and tricks to differentiate so that KazooCon attendees benefit most.

Number 1 - IaaS, SaaS and other Special Announcements

This is more for our partners or potential partners who want to expand their product, create integrations, and drive growth. We have expanded the power of our platform exponentially and we are putting those last finishing touches on it this week. We are ready to announce our wonderful new products and we want you to be there for it all!

No more procrastination and no more excuses! The early-bird pricing expires 9/20, and covers the entire conference and training. So what are you waiting for, save at KazooCon!

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