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SmartPBX: At the Intersection of Simplicity and Functionality

The SmartPBX App combines comprehensive PBX functionality with user-friendly interface. Set up new users in minutes, manage all of your accounts, reduce installation and labor costs, and provide business-specific user features. All services are controlled via API’s, allowing you to extend the App functionality as needed. Within the interface you have the ability to create, manage, and remove services for your users.

2600Hz offers a true Unified Communications solution, providing telco solutions that can be deployed by anyone in the continental United States. The SmartPBX App is highly scalable, redundant and clustered, providing increased functionality and time-savings when compared to traditional VoIP telecom carriers. Remotely manage your entire product offering within the SmartPBX Dashboard and quickly diagnose and solve most issues that may arise.

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So what Features Make 2600Hz’s SmartPBX Different?

Total Administrator Visibility - The SmartPBX dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your entire product offering. Within the dashboard, review the total users, devices, main numbers and conference numbers. Have peace of mind knowing that your network is working properly just by looking at the dashboard.

Manage All Users & Features - Create users and manage all their settings within the Users tab of SmartPBX. Add Users, attach Phone Numbers, Devices and assign specific User Features within the UI. Manage what features your users can access including Ring Groups, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Hot Desking, Voicemails, Faxbox, Conference Bridge, Find Me, Follow Me, Music-On-Hold and Inbound Call Recording.

Purchase, Port and Assign Phone Numbers - Provide each user with their unique direct-dial phone and extension number. Assigning and managing numbers within the UI is extremely easy, and you can purchase a number in seconds.

Provision Devices - Provision Yealink, Polycom and Cisco devices in minutes with our built-in auto- provisioning system. The UI comes pre-populated with these manufacturers and devices are continuously being added. Bring in your own devices or allow users to bring in their own. Devices can be provisioned remotely, users just need to provide their MAC and IP address, then plug in and reset their device.

Call Handling and Virtual Receptionist - Create customized greetings and call routes to give businesses that professional touch. Set up a main business phone number and utilize the pre-built Virtual Receptionist to handle inbound calls. Virtual Receptionist will professionally and automatically transfer calls to an appropriate department or person. Set time-of-day routing and holidays, effectively managing business hours.

Conference Numbers - Create a direct-dial conference number. Pre-programmed room numbers and conference room PINs allow access to the conference.

Billing and Transaction Services - Easily add credit cards on file and change accordingly. Create and set limits for users that include inbound and outbound trunks, and per minute credits.

Call Logs - Diagnose call delivery problems with ease. Every call is tracked and call problems can be reported with a single click.

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