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How Collaboration Propels the Landscape of Enterprise Voice


When we gather for KazooCon 2016 on October 17 & 18, we, as a community of voice resellers, do more than just network and evangelize our products. Together we solve problems and bring about change to the business voice industry. Collaboration is one of the single most powerful actions we can take. Here’s how collaboration leads to industry advancement in the VoIP space:

We Bring New Challenges to Light

Technology has a steep growth curve. Holding annual events like KazooCon means there’s plenty of time for a new bar to be set - and new challenges to arise - between conferences. Systems compatibility, security standards, and user experience are frequent topics of conversation when discussing what new initiatives we need to bring to the table. This year, one of the hot subjects of KazooCon will be about the challenges of deploying unified communications in workplaces relying extensively on mobile voice.

We Analyze What’s Gone Well (and What Hasn’t)

No individual or even single organization is going to get the whole picture about the progress or setbacks that have taken place across an entire industry… unless their observations are shared with others. Collectively, we can communicate the sometimes-unpublished successes and failures that have taken place within our own respective environments as voice resellers and learn from them. KazooCon was conceived under the premise that VoIP resellers could share these insights in a safe environment where attendees have one common goal - delivering a better enterprise voice experience for customers.

We Contribute Our Expertise

Not everyone involved in reselling is in a customer-facing role, which is why KazooCon features unique learning tracks for business users and for developers and product engineers. The new Kazoo 4.0 platform serves as a foundation for developers to customize and create new apps that provide value to their customers. By collaborating and sharing these new app improvements, we can push the entire industry forward, inevitably introducing a clearer, more manageable enterprise voice platform to the landscape.

We Share Customer Objections, and Overcome Them

In line with skill contribution, business users have the opportunity to effectively communicate obstacles they’ve faced when reselling enterprise voice to potential customers. By sharing these scenarios, resellers can collaborate and brainstorm how they should change their positioning based on what has worked for others. Identifying common customer objections also helps set a mission for developer users, pointing them toward the most prominent usability issues facing end-use administrators. Because mindshare is so important to our community’s success, we’re holding a Reseller Panel right at KazooCon this year that’s open to attendees.

We Set the Stage for Innovation

The most beneficial aspect of collaboration is that it enables innovation. Learning sparks ideas, and those ideas elevate enterprise voice offerings and change them into something that’s never been seen before. At KazooCon 2016, resellers will have the opportunity to get the first glimpse of Kazoo 4.0, which, as we mentioned above, is a foundation for innovation. Not only are we okay with attendees providing feedback on improvements, we encourage it. KazooCon is the right place to show your peers your expertise and to absorb information from others - that remains true for the hosts, too.

Come out and collaborate with us at 2600Hz and with other enterprise voice professionals at KazooCon 2016. This is an opportunity for more than just learning; it’s a chance to build relationships with some of the greatest minds in the industry. You can find the venue information, conference schedule, and speakers list on the registration page - head there now.

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