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Working with FreeSWITCH as a core part of Kazoo


Today, the core architects of the Kazoo platform are in Milwaukee, WI working with the amazing FreeSWITCH team. The FreeSWITCH team runs an awesome open-source project that is on the bleeding edge of communications - always.

Their software, libraries and RTP integrations allow us to power the audio portions of your call, and we’re working together to allow video and other features, too.

This year, our focus is on optimizing how Kazoo and FreeSWITCH integrate. We hope to expose more FreeSWITCH features natively. Our talks today will help shape the future of the Kazoo project in that regard.

We’re pleased to continue working with, and supporting where we can, the FreeSWITCH project. If you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of how components of Kazoo work - FreeSWITCH being one of them - we’d encourage you to come to one of our upcoming FreeSWITCH trainings  or to join the FreeSWITCH team at their annual ClueCon conference in Chicago.

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