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The Journey of 2600Hz Mobile Business Solutions

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Once upon a  time, there was a venturesome, open communications company that dreamed of pioneering a new kind of mobile solution. A solution, that would enable service providers to sell mobile business services, which could seamlessly integrate across multiple PBX platforms and provide an unparallelled business communications experience. However, as the venture unfolded, the reality became clear: the technical complexity behind making this dream come true would take more time, research and significant beta testing. Not to be deterred by obstacles, 2600Hz embarked on the journey to create the ultimate mobile business product: 2600Hz Mobile.

In early 2014,  the mobile industry was experiencing a myriad of changes due to increasing smartphone demands, consumer vs. business needs  and unmanageable carrier restrictions. Those looking to resell mobile services, also called Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s), faced complex and costly system integration challenges imposed by major carriers. Additionally, the mobile industry was geared towards consumer capabilities, which forced business communications into the world of implementing Over the Top (OTT) apps, which offered sub par user experiences, poor functionality, complex time-demanding implementations and high investment risks.

Luckily, around this time, Sprint expanded their mobile offerings to support MVNO partnerships and  2600Hz recognized the value of this by evolving the KAZOO architecture to host mobile services within our PBX system. The engineering team focused on testing basic mobile functionality, but realized there was a greater need, which included refining imperative business feature sets such as billing, policy and user friendly dashboards.  Only through extended beta testing and more in-depth development, could the goal of creating a world class service provider solution be accomplished.

As 2015 rolled in, major mobile industry players were focused on building out OTT solutions that had poor integration capabilities and were complex and expensive Unified Communications solutions. Companies were using these OTT apps over SIP connections, creating an unreliable, poor quality call resulting in less than optimal experience. Service providers also lacked ownership of all revenue opportunities but were investing heavily in these solutions, resulting in high costs that began overtaking revenue opportunities. Recognizing the pain points of mobile business communications, 2600Hz continued to refine and develop an “out-of-the-box” product that was inexpensive, reliable, easy to implement and could increase revenue opportunities for service providers.  

Like most initiatives within the technology industry, communication platforms continued to evolve. Trends in 2016 focused on large services providers capitalizing on data driven Unified Communications (UC) solutions. This allowed some flexibility and customization across carrier data and voice streams, and since SMS was also evolving into a separate flexible ecosystem, flexibility was improving. And yet, service providers were still unable to directly sell a data or mobile voice product for revenue and smaller providers were still struggling to find a comprehensive mobility solution.

Luckily, 2600Hz continued to inch closer to revealing a mobile solution that could not only integrate seamlessly with existing PBX systems, but also provide service providers a controlled and dependable platform, that could significantly increase revenue streams and provide an optimal customer experience. The goal: to offer a solution that can be activated immediately (i.e. “out of the box”) with client’s existing technical understanding and native mobile dialer, allowing flexibility to customize your offerings around customer needs.

And now in 2017, the 2600Hz mission to provide the ultimate business mobile product is complete. After four years of building relationships with mobile carriers, laying down engineering groundwork, analyzing mobile industry research and understanding what MVNO’s need to run a successful business, we introduce 2600Hz Mobile Business Solution(s). We believe 2600Hz Mobile is the key to allowing Small & Medium Businesses to enter into the mobile reseller market in unprecedented ways: by providing a low barrier of entry, ease of customization and functionality, superior voice quality over CDMA voice channels, and the ability to scale to business demands. 

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